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© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved. 

So whether you are looking to publish a children's book, a book of poetry, a Christian book, or a book in any other genre, self-publishing is the smoothest way of getting your manuscript into the hands of readers. Fill in the form to get started!

Finding the Right Book Publisher

Are you preparing to be a published author? For first-time authors looking to publish their manuscripts, it is extremely important to find the right book publishing company.

Fortunately, now you can publish your book smoothly and affordably through a self-publishing firm. The hard part–which we make easy for you–is finding the self-publishing firm that truly respects your dream of becoming a published author.

What to Look For

Here are the qualities to look for in a self-publisher, and which we make sure our self-publishers have:

  • Time-tested experience and reliability. Why risk sending your manuscript to a firm that's just interested in making some quick cash? The companies we recommend are well-established and are here to stay.

  • The ability to fulfill your vision for your book. Each book has unique needs. It is important to find a publisher that can meet your specifications and can provide you with the services that best fit what you want for your book.

  • A fast and smooth process. With our self-publishing firms, the process is smoother and quicker, with experienced in-house consultants who are here for you, every step of the way.

  • You keep the rights to your work. Authors retain all copyrights to their written work, and have control over the content of their manuscripts. Our companies don't change anything in your manuscript unless you ask them to!

  • A full, comprehensive experience. A trusted self-publishing company provides reliability, quality, and expertise, as well as publishing packages and services that deliver value.
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